High Court Enforcement Officers are able to enforce the county court judgement against your debtor via the High Court by obtaining a High Court Writ of Enforcement. High Court Enforcement Officers are able to enforce your judgement debt quicker and have higher collection rates than County Court Bailiffs.

If you have obtained a monetary judgement against your debtor for over £600.00 you are able to instruct the 24 Hour Group to enforce your judgement by way of the High Court.  On instructing the 24 Hour Group, we will instruct our enforcement team to obtain a High Court Writ of Enforcement from the High Court.  On receipt of the same being returned from the court, a Notice of Enforcement is served on the debtor, as per regulations, to recover the outstanding debt, interest and fees within 7 days.  Should the debtor make full payment, no further action is required.

Should the debtor fail to make payment or contact our enforcement team following receipt of the Notice of Enforcement, an enforcement officer is allocated to your case and they will make three separate visits to debtor’s property over a specified period of time in an attempt to recover the total outstanding debt.  Please note: an enforcement officer is unable to force entry to residential property and a further fee is payable should you require attendance at more than one elected address of the debtor.

Should the debtor have vacated the property, have no recoverable assets or have entered insolvency, bankruptcy and the enforcement officer is unable to recover the full outstanding amount, the case will be deemed to be unsuccessful and the case will be closed.  You will not be responsible for any further enforcement fees due payable should the case be unsuccessful.

Should enforcement be successful and the debtor make payment of the full amount outstanding, of the fee that you have paid on instruction, the £90.00 Compliance Fee and £66.00 Court Fee will be fully refundable.

Following the enforcement process, you will be provided with a full report to confirm whether the case has been successful or not and any payments collected will be allocated to your elected bank account in accordance with regulations.

Please be advised that on instructing the 24 Hour Group via our online portal, you will be contacted by one of our dedicated team members and provided with our full terms and conditions and instruction form for your completion and return.  On receipt of the same, we will action your case immediately and will of course keep you updated throughout the process.