We are able to assist our clients in recovering debts from insolvent companies, which may have been written off by the creditor.

Once a company has declared itself to be insolvent and is subject to a winding up order, most creditors to whom the company owes debts, believe that the money can no longer be recovered and therefore is dismissed as an outstanding debt. However, most creditors are unaware that this is not always the case.

We operate on a low fixed fee basis

The 24 Hour Group is able to review your outstanding debts against such a company to evaluate whether fraudulent or wrongful trading has been undertaken by one or more Directors prior to the company becoming insolvent. The 24 Hour Group can then raise these issues with the insolvency practitioner associated with the company in an attempt to retrieve personal assets from directors to repay the creditors.

Here at the 24 Hour Group, our specially trained staff will evaluate your case and we will pass your details to one of our associated insolvency practitioners on your instructions to assist you in the recovery of your outstanding debts, including representing clients at Creditors’ meetings to ensure that our clients are made fully aware of the current financial situation of the debtor company.

Why use the 24 Hour Group?

  • We offer competitive rates
  • We act on a nationwide basis

  • We are on call and at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Our clients are our number one priority

  • The 24 Hour Group provides a tailored service to suit your needs

  • Enforcement officers with over 15 years experience

  • Legal team with specialist debt recovery, landlord and tenant and enforcement knowledge

  • We understand the needs of our clients and act on any instruction without delay

  • We are committed to providing an effective enforcement and litigation service

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