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If you have been awarded a county court Judgement or Order from the court for a sum of money, our specialist enforcement team can assist you in transferring the Order to the High Court for the purposes of enforcement by a High Court Enforcement Agent.

We operate on a low fixed fee basis

The 24 Hour Group, using the authority of our associated High Court Enforcement Officer, is able to enforce the following monetary orders:

– Any County Court Judgement (CCJ) over £600.00
– A High Court Judgement or Order
– Employment Tribunal Award or ACAS Award

With the authorisation of our associated authorised High Court Enforcement Officer, we are able to transfer your Judgement or Order to the High Court for enforcement for a Court fee of only £66.00 (recoverable from the debtor on successful recovery of the outstanding Judgement debt).

The stages of high court enforcement:

Why use the 24 Hour Group?

  • We offer competitive rates
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  • We are on call and at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Our clients are our number one priority

  • The 24 Hour Group provides a tailored service to suit your needs

  • Enforcement officers with over 15 years experience

  • Legal team with specialist debt recovery, landlord and tenant and enforcement knowledge

  • We understand the needs of our clients and act on any instruction without delay

  • We are committed to providing an effective enforcement and litigation service

The Compliance Stage – £75.00 plus VAT

Once the High Court Enforcement Officer receives the sealed Writ of Control, they will send a ‘Notice of Enforcement’ to the judgement debtor.
The Notice of Enforcement must be sent to the debtor personally, giving them 7 clear days (excluding Sundays and bank holidays) to pay the sums due in full, at the place, or one of the places, where the debtor usually lives or carries on a trade or business.

If the debtor pays in full – the judgement amount, interest, court fees and the £75 plus VAT enforcement fee for the Compliance stage – after receiving the notice, the enforcement process is concluded.

The below fees are payable by the debtor in addition to the judgement debt, interest accrued and court fees at each additional stage should the debtor fail to make payment at the compliance stage.

Enforcement Stage 1 – £190.00 plus 7.5% of the debt above £1,000.00

During the Compliance Stage, if the debtor fails to make contact with the High Court Enforcement Officer or requests to set up a repayment schedule, an enforcement officer will attend their premises to take control of goods. The fixed charge at this point is £190 plus 7.5% of the outstanding amount over £1,000, plus VAT. The sums to be recovered are the judgement debt, court costs and execution costs.

When the enforcement officer attends the premises, if the debtor agrees to an acceptable instalment arrangement or can pay the full amount owed, then the matter is resolved and does not continue to the next stage.

Enforcement Stage 2 – £495.00 plus VAT

If the debtor refuses to enter into an acceptable instalment arrangement or to make payment in respect of the outstanding debt, then the matter moves to Enforcement Stage 2.

If under the signed Controlled Goods Agreement, a payment arrangement is made which is subsequently broken, the enforcement officer will re-attend the property either under Enforcement Stage 2 or the Sale or Disposal Stage, dependent on the circumstances of the case and assets available to the debtor.

Sale or Disposal Stage – £525 plus 7.5% of the debt above £1,000.00

At this stage any assets belonging to the debtor that are held under the Controlled Goods Agreement are taken and sold to recoup monies in respect of the outstanding debt owed.

The fee for this stage is £525 plus 7.5% of the outstanding amount above £1,000, plus VAT.

Please Note: You, as the instructing client, are not responsible for these fees if the debtor, can not pay.

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