The 24 Hour Group is an established debt recovery, legal and enforcement firm.*

We specialise in the recovery of all outstanding commercial and personal debts, enforcement action and all landlord associated services. We operate on a nationwide basis, with a professional and experienced team of legal and enforcement personnel on call at all times.

We aim to act at all times in a professional and private manner, with our clients’ instructions and requirements as our foremost concern. We continue to strive to be one of the most prominent, cost effective and efficient legal and enforcement firms in the UK by ensuring that our clients’ interests and needs are our main priority.

*Please note that the 24 Hour Group is a paralegal law firm and not a solicitors firm regulated by the SRA and can therefore not undertake any reserved activities as per the Legal Services Act 2007.

On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Legal Debt Recovery

Our legal administrative team can assist with the recovery of all debts and associated legal services.

Notices and Orders

24 Hour Group can assist with the drafting and service of legal notices, applications and orders

Repossession Services

24 Hour Group is able to assist landlords with repossession and associated legal services for both residential and commercial properties.

Landlord and Tenant

24 Hour Group is able to assist landlords with all Landlord and Tenant issues and disputes arising from all types of tenancy.

Enforcement Services

24 Hour Group is able to enforce any County Court Judgement (CCJ) over £600.00 or a High Court Judgement or Order on your behalf.

Property Management

24 Hour Group is able to assist Landlords with all of their property management requirements.

Areas we specialise in

  • Debt Recovery and Assisted Litigation
  • Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery

  • Lease Forfeitures
  • Evictions of Tenants and Illegal Occupiers
  • Trespasser Evictions
  • High Court Enforcement of Judgement Debts
  • Enforcement of Court Possession Orders
  • Horse Removal
  • Caravan and Abandon Vehicle Removal
  • Tracing and Investigations
  • Process Serving of Documents
  • Insolvency and Debt Recovery
  • Service of Tenant Notices
  • Court Applications

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